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Jul. 21st, 2017 11:49 pm[personal profile] ogrewarrior
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The day's here, oh boy oh boy. You've been tapped by Kaz for training, special or otherwise. He's spread you all out through the day, so you've got what seems like a fairly short amount of time for a one on one, if you've cheated and communicated with the people near your block.

Before you've come, there was a short survey of what action fields you wanted help 'ingraining' and what you think your deck's greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses are, as well as what sort of deck you wanted to duel against.

When you arrive, he's got a folder with your name on it he's flipping through. If you're doing this in a certain way, with a bike or have news to deliver with a sibling, he's more than willing to accommodate.

Dual Post

Jul. 15th, 2017 11:10 am[personal profile] ogrewarrior
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[Private Journal to: Tsurugi, Garum, Landrobe]

Oy, you three. I've got some special classes starting up and you three made my first round of cutting wheat from the chaff. Got some pull at the college. Gonna count as classes there for you, Tsurugi, all expenses covered. Ya just gotta show up. And credit at DA, Landrobe.

... sorry to say, Garum. Ya ain't got much of a choice. I'm yanking ya into my program.

[Private to Sylvia, Yasha, Trendafilka, Yuma, Yuzu, Gogenzaka, and Yuya]

So, uh. You folks made a pretty big splash in the junior league. So, on the weekends I'm gonna run some extra courses if you're interested...?

I know you guys aren't exactly all fans of LDS, but. I've gotten a ban to be lifted on one of you, you just can't touch expensive looking things. Trendafilka. And we're not weird or shifty. Comparatively. Though, uh. If we're running small schools out of business in other cities...? I get the anger.

[Private to Kiko]


[Finally: An Event]

Kaz is sitting outside of a testing room, ice pack over one eye, muttering about 'how much he hates himself' and 'that smug prick' and 'no wonder I don't have many friends.'


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