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So I just wanna say something as a warning to people.

If you ever want to beat up cults or anything, never let Noriko come with.

Or if you do, make sure she's handcuffed to you.
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What makes you mention that?
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Can you even drug Noriko? She's like a small building.
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Or she faked being drugged.
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You do know Noriko's a troll, right?
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Look, if a white van is full of candy, you go into it. You can always get back out of it.

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No going into white vans, Noriko.

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Okay, just wear this little wristand that allows me to see where you are when you press a button so I can come after you.

Then you can go into white vans.
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It ends with screaming and broken bones with me.

Or gender bending.
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It was really good candy.
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That wouldn't get money if they actively poison their members.
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Candy in the middle of the hallway is luring off?
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... I didn't know that.
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Something dumb happened, didn't it?
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... You took your eyes off of Noriko.
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She got stuck in a trashcan for hours because me and Shiroko left our eyes off of her in Middle School.
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She's honestly kinda helpless.
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She's my friend to, and I'm gonna say it: She's a worthless creature.
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Smart move. Especially when she's into it and well, you know.
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