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Hooooly crap.

Okay so I'm walking home and I notice this unmarked van is following me. Once I realize it really is and it isn't just some fluke or whatever I tried to cut through an alleyway so it couldn't, but another van just blocked me down there.

Then a bunch of guys who look like generic bank robbers came out and told me to duel them or resist and they'll zap me with tasers. So I just went ahead and dueled them and the guy made some weird-ass wire attach to my disk. They didn't even give me any reason for it, either!

I won even though I was freaked out that if I ever had more than one monster out I was gonna be hit by a damn Laval Golem, and when I won the guy was electrocuted by his own disk. He literally just lit up from it!

Those guys literally were going to try to electrocute me or something! What the hell kinda crap is made nowadays that they'd even have something like that?
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Well that was nice to do, I guess.

Kinda bumpy at first, but Kouji probably needs to get out more like that, sometimes.

Least the meal went well enough without too much trouble-- at least after I explained why you shouldn't go ahead and immediately order one of everything. Never knew she was a couple years over me though. Would've thought she was more at my age.
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Ugh. I should've guessed they'd harass me once they realized I haven't come home yet.

Not that they bothered to notice the messages I left that I was staying here, but what should I expect?

Well, they can't take away what I've paid for myself, at least. They're going to have to deal with me not being there, as much as it "messes up their plans for my future".
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I swear that weirdos are cropping up more often now.

First there's those students worshiping a rock, and then that weird electric kid cousin kept bugging me today about how I am, and then I swear something was following me for a little while while I was in Domino getting some things.

It really creeps me out.
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... Well, I found out where that dragon in the volcano went.
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... Why did I wake up in a hotel.

That coffee was drugged, wasn't it. Goddamnit.
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Do any monsters have some specific beef with you or something?
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That is the first time those stupid nightmares ever went that odd.

First some blonde lady consoling me... And then some succubus popping up... I think she smothered me out of existence...

How the hell did that happen?

[Dual Post]

Dec. 7th, 2010 05:37 pm
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Ugh... I swear, that thing is trying to get worse and worse...

[Dream Event Post] )
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This better not result in more birds bugging me.
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GEO! Is there anything you want for Christmas or something?

Seriously, I swear. It shouldn't be this hard. Do people usually have trouble with something like this.
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... My hair looks weird green.
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Hey, Geo.

What do you remember about last night.
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... So I just killed a monster clown that was trying to hypnotize me.

... Also I have a really sinking guess as to where it came from.

But then why did it attack them, too...
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... Hey uh, Geo.

Do you mind doing something for me?
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There's that feeling again.

The feeling that I want to do something potentially stupid.

Wonder if I'd be able to get away with it this time without something turning me off from it...
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I am going to find whoever makes these weird perfumes or scents or whatever. And destroy them. Painfully.

Sorry for freaking you out before Geo.
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my head feels like it's full of cotton.

I think I remember what happened though... I think. some of it is kinda fuzzy... remember getting really annoyed...

... at least I woke up clinging to Geo. that's a good part.
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Damnit my head feels fuzzy, and I can't remember anything about last night.

I am unhappy. Very unhappy.


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