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Name:Samasu, Suguru [ 狭間朱, 豪 [すぐる] ]
Birthdate:Mar 30
(( Name: Samasu, Suguru [ 狭間朱, 豪 [すぐる] ]
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Current Deck: Gusta

Description: A small boy... Or girl. One can't really tell, looking at them in a first glance. They'll claim that they're a guy, but their look to them is definitely more feminine than they'd want-- not that they help themselves with it though, with the long hair and all, and their easily flustered look to them.

She would actually be a fairly attractive girl, but she keeps herself binded down-- something that is going to end up causing her trouble down the line.
Personality: A rather loud and bossy one, they seem to always be rather angry at something... Which, frankly, might not be all that far off, from one's assumptions. They're rather resentful of many things, one of the most being is born into a family that basically ruined their own gender identity, due to their insistence on how to raise them, leading to a rather awkward sense of self that they try to cover up through the commands and anger, itself.

They're also a lover of goofiness itself, having taken to dueling itself, because of the weird poses some people seemed to make during it... And well, the Pro League gimmicks themselves were hilarious, to her.

It is noted that due to how they were raised, they always uses masculine terms for themselves, both from just how they are, and the fact that they're incredibly uncomfortable with using feminine terms, instead.

Extra Abilities: Is an aerokinetic, though her abilities seem more focused on messing with wind patterns, to bring about odd weather where she is. Expect storms, incredibly sunny days, and maybe a few cold fronts here or there. Is also able to, with much concentration, force the winds against each other to make tornados, or at least something that resembles a bit of a wind vacuum. ))

Interests (13):

cyril, duel academia, geo d. briar, goofiness, nonsense, poses, pro leagues, punching allen grant, ra yellow, sports, ultimate insects, weather, wind
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