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One of these days I'll find who wrote that stuff and sock them in the face.

Ugh, it's just... So weird that it's December, now. Where did the year go? I already gotta start thinking of gifts for people... I really suck at buying gifts...

I just hope if the year went by this fast, we'll be in Spring and Summer before long too.

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... What stuff? I think a Time Skip Montage happened.

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Some idiot went off in some gossip newsletter that my family is in a cult.

Which we're not. Or at least I'm not. Ugh.

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... You aren't? I always thought you were in some weird family religion.

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No, I'm not.

My family follows Shintoism.

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... Really? You sure it isn't a weirdo Shintoism?

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How sure. Could it be it seems it's normal, but your family celebrates a weird cult underneath, like in that story with the time traveling girl with the talking magical horned cat?

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... I'm sure we don't celebrate any weird cult, Kouji.

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That saddens me a little.

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I like to think my friends have weird secrets and do interesting things when I'm not around.

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I like to think that cultist activities might be at the bottom of the list one would want their friends to be in.

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Only if it's interesting and not a bad kind of religion.

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"Cult" tends to suggest "bad", Kouji.

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I'm gonna go with "bad" then.

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Well I finished my gift for you. And Ms. Jouyoku told me to deliver her's for you.

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I made your gift and I'll be delivering both soon.

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... I. Isn't it a bit... Early...?

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I'm going to busy for the holidays due to presentations, tournaments, parties, etc etc.

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... I guess... Still could've had it delivered later, though. But alright.

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I think you'll like them, regardless.

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Not~ Telling~
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What stuff?

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Some stupid newsletter said my family's a cult.

I'm slightly peeved.
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Wow. That's oddly personal.

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Thus the "slight peeved" part.
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You don't know who did it?

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Not a clue. Some "Kanimo" person.

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..It's December..?

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I thought it was like.



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... Nnno.

I only wish it were August. At least it'd be warmer out.

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..Oh yeah it has been cold..

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I just didn't think about it..!

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Months pass! It gets colder! How can you not think about the fact that you need to wear heavier stuff?

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You don't even notice if it's cold out. You're weird.

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You thought it was August.

August is kinda Summer. Not usually the kind of weather you'd associate with the cold that's around now.