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... I should really not be surprised that we won. Actually, I'm really not.

I'm still more surprised that I managed to last through pretty much half of the entire thing. Ugh, if only it weren't for The End of Storm, I probably still would've managed to take down the second guy, too... But I guess that doesn't matter now. I guess it's better that I got taken out on the second duel. If I had ended up losing against that guy in the suit, I would've just been pissed.

... pfft, still can't believe that tap dance line she did.

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the youtube video I made from your duels already got 30,000 views.

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... Don't they keep calling her "Wynnda-tan~"? I think I saw that in the comments section.

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They kept wondering if you were a Duel Spirit.

Image Image

Admittedly, there is a vague similarity.

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pfff there is no similarity I don't have green eyes or hair. My ponytail's lower now anyway.

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You'd be a "badass" Wynnda regardless.

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I keep telling you you do.

... I wonder if it could be genetic.

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Yes and I deny it every moment it occurs.

And it's not genetic. Far as I know, there's no Duel Monsters in my family line.

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It's not like if you admit it you'll start acting like a moe girl and a Gulldo lands on your shoulder.

They could of been disguised... I do have to wonder though.

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I made a video of your two monsters getting eaten by dinosaurs and set it to the Jurassic Park theme.

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What, come on, you still won!

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That's besides the point.

I'm still going to blast you.

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I'm raising dinosaur awareness among teenage girls.

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You don't need to raise it among teenage girls by showing my monsters getting eaten.

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If I'd said what I'd wanted to say, they would've bleeped it.

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TV censoring. Don't you love it.

... The line still makes me crack up, though.

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Oh man, I really would've loved to see you come up with something better on the spot.

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... I think it's better that you didn't.

I probably would've blasted the reporters and run away.

I really hate being recorded and crowded around like that.

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So we'll leave the taunting and showboating to me, good to know.

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I just worry about Marias' comments. Some comments on blogs I'm reading say a lot of the teams who boast like that in other tournaments get jobbed. Badly.

They call it the Law of Narrative Sadism.

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Eeh. I'm sure we'll make it through.

I mean, we did kinda have the handicap of doing it with just her and me in this particular duel and we still won.

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I honestly want to see you and the dingus make it, because it'll be a good watch.

Besides, Gusto makes everything hilarious. Good luck though.

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Hnf. Thanks.