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Samasu, Suguru [ 狭間朱, 豪 [すぐる] ] ([personal profile] remarkablerain) wrote2011-12-30 11:40 pm

[Screened from Geo]

So, this is just a bit of a hunch.

But I think Geo might be hiding something from me.

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Good hiding or bad hiding?

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I'm not entirely sure.

Just whenever I ask him about it he acts really nervous and makes this weird laugh.

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Well, the first thing to figure out is if it's good hiding or bad hiding.

Good hiding being something like hiding a present or other major change that's generally favorable, or possibly keeping you from knowing about the horrible things outside human perception... I'm guessing it could only be the former half for him.

Bad hiding would be hiding things that he knows he shouldn't be doing, like cheating, or something stupid.

...I don't really know him so it could be either or. Nervous usually means bad hiding, though.

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... I don't think he's cheating, at least.

He would be really bad at it.

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...oh, he acts like he's going to ask you something.

...does he seem at all detached from you lately?

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More like avoiding talking.

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...he's a huge idiot, right?

Chances are it's a good secret, then, and you should tease him mercilessly.

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...What could he even be trying to hide?

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I don't even know!

He's been acting kinda weird ever since the cruise trip...

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He's not smart enough to juggle girls, so. That's not it.

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I agree. But I wonder what's up with him.

He kinda keeps acting like he's going to ask me something, but then just panics.

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Ask you a question?

...Is there anything else to ask you though?

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I dunno!

I just can't think of what he'd try to ask at all, anyway!

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He wears women's clothing when no one is around.

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Well I dunno, I'm just rattling off stuff guys would hide from their girlfriends.

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... Do you dress in women's clothes?

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But if I did I'd hide it.

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Are you sure.

I mean you mentioned it rather quickly.

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Either his father got him to have am illegitimate brat.

Or he's gay for Jinn or Onni.

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I'd say the latter is more preferable.

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Or he could be dating the plant you.

Or he's fighting a war against the armies of hell who represent a demonic prince who prefers vidya games.

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I really hope he's not.

It'd be an unfair fight if I went after her. She can string me up!