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So um. Hey. Geo.

It was totally sweet of you to beat up those guys so they can serenade to me outside of my window.

But you totally didn't have to. You can just come over.

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...Does this count as me being right?

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But that's important!

I like being right!

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... I think I'm going to say you're wrong then, just to deny you that.

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You just put it out there.

How can I not take it.
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That's what I'd like to say.

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It's just. Something he does, sometimes!

He once did it for Valentine's Day. It was ridiculously corny.
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He beat people up to serenade for you?

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The people were kinda gang members that were trying to beat him up in the first place, so it was kinda fair dues.
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... You have an interesting boyfriend.

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He gets into fights a lot. But. He's ridiculously sweet and corny, and it's really charming.
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As long as he makes you happy.

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I sort of wish Shikou would do that, but I fear he'd end up killing the guys.

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... Yeah that might be a. Bad idea.

That's less charming and more gruesome.

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Regardless, Geo's kind of... oafishly sweet. I can see why you like him. Don't let go of him.

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Believe me, I wouldn't dream of doing that.

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...That wasn't me this time.

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Yeah. What the hell is someone doing stealing my thing?

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I dunno!

I seriously thought it was you! It's totally your thing!

... you can still come over though you know. Just saying.

Though now I'm wondering who else is trying to serenade me.

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I'm wondering the same thing now.

But, yeah, gimme like, five minutes I've gotta kick my dad out of the bar.

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Kick him out good.

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...Yeah I might be at this awhile, ten minutes, I swear.

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Believe me.

I can wait as long as I need to.

... also I think more bodies got added to outside, they look all arranged, but I can't tell what they're supposed to make.