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Geeze, this one guy keeps coming in to Flamvell Bar and Grill recently to drink-- stays there all day too. I think he's the captain of one of the other teams in the WRGP... I think he's related to me, too.

I usually wouldn't be bothered, but he keeps giving this really oppressive atmosphere whenever he orders something. He doesn't even seem to get drunk either, no matter what he downs.

He kinda gives me the creeps...

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...I know that guy!"

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Are you insinuating I can't be scary?

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I'm insinuating that I can't see why he'd be scared of you.

He's an ass.

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I hit on him.

Kind of a lot.

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... ... ... I didn't know you, uh. Swung that way.

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I don't.

I just think it's really, really funny.

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You know.

A guy wouldn't really hit on another guy so much unless if they had, uh.


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How would you know.

Are you a guy?

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I am willing to blast you into the air, teammate or not. We have Misogi, we can spare a member.

I'm not, but it's kinda logical sense. You don't keep flirting with someone purely out of amusement.

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Sure you do, if it's really funny then they turn all pale and flail about.

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Jackass. Now I just feel sorry for the guy, since he has to deal with you, but I still don't like him.

He's really spoiling the mood whenever he comes in, and he stays all day too. Ugh.

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I'm amazed you're so hostile to me when you're dating someone who is more than a little bit like me.

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There's a bunch of differences between you and him.

Mainly that he isn't a jerk to people. I mean, I know jerks. And he isn't one.

You however pretty much proved yourself to be in this very conversation.

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Yeah, I'm such a jerk to the drunken klepto.

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He doesn't even get drunk--


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Count the silverware near him before and after he leaves.

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... I'll keep that in mind.

We should probably kick him out though, if he's stealing stuff from us.

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Want me to come chase him off?

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Well, if you're already going to be a jerk about it, might as well put it to good use.

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Why do you think I'm a jerk, I'm a wonderful guy.

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You just admitted that you flirt with a guy just for kicks.

I mean, he's probably drinking and having that foul atmosphere around him because of that.

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No, that's because he's an asshole.

Why can't it be that I act like a jerk in response? How come you gotta assume I was the Jerker and not the Jerkee?

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Because as much as he's probably an asshole, you're less being a jerk and angry about it and more being sadistically into it.

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What's wrong with enjoying tormenting tormentors?

You think Batman doesn't smile while uppercutting dudes?

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Batman isn't exactly smiley.

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He is when he's uppercutting dudes.

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I'd figure he'd be pretty serious when fighting people, actually.

I think you're just trying to find some way to defend yourself. It isn't working.

Listen, if you want to chase him off? Be my guest. I don't need someone stealing things from us.

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He's not, that's what I'm telling you! It's the only joy he permits himself.

I don't need to defend myself, I don't think it's sadistic to derive joy from being an asshole to bigger assholes,

Sadistic is something I try very hard to avoid being.

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Then why all of the creepy evil grins?

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Sorry, my satsui no hado comes out sometimes, okay.

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Right. Still, you can chase him away.

I'm counting on you.

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I wish he'd stop scaring the regulars, it's just depressing.

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I agree. Depressing and freaky.

You can't even talk to him either without him acting like an ass. Hrmph.

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Not really.

He just keeps ordering more and more drinks.

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Well, if we have to deal with him, let's try and get a gigantic bar tab out of him.

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He actually seems to be paying for his stuff, yeah.

On the other hand, I think we're gonna end up having to kick him out, since he's apparently a kleptomaniac.

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Just tell me when he does. I know how to break and relocate wrists in fun ways.

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Not a problem.