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Hnfng... Well, that blows.

At least Hawkeye did get taken out. I would've been more pissed if he hadn't been.

Really should've been able to do better than that, though...

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..You're not the one who screwed up.

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I don't really know about that...

... Well, no one could've expected a Black Horn of Heaven out of nowhere when you got out your giant weird dragon.

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It doesn't matter.

Hawkeye was my responsibility and I completely failed.

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I just wish I could've managed to get him down. If that Valafar wasn't on the field when I came in, I could've done better than that...

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You're telling me.

You know how much damage you did? In your entire run? 600 points.

The field you left me was actually worse than the one you started with.
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Ugh, I know.

I won't make excuses for my deck. Honestly, the only thing I could think of I'd do differently is try to get off Caam's effect anyway.

I was pretty much top-decking the entire time after a while.

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After you TOLD ME you could handle Hawkeye better than Hikari could?! And talking a bunch of shit about how 'prideful' she is when I should've just used her in the first place!

You couldn't even scratch him! He had hand advantage the ENTIRE TIME, if anything, he had MORE resources when I came in against him! It would've been better if we'd just skipped you entirely and given up 8000 points!

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... You know, I owned up that I screwed up, and that I couldn't draw anything good. I accept that I really could've done a lot better, and I'm gonna deal with that.

But I'm not gonna go ahead and suddenly take you blasting out at me for no reason other than to just say that you're pissed.

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Shyeah right. You owned up to it. You're already over it. Oh well! We lost! Nothing to do about it now except wallow in self-pity for a day or two and then pretend nothing happened, right!?

I never should've fucking trusted you to be on my team in the first place. You never had the skill or the spine to compete anywhere except that garbage-ass academy!

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... Just what the hell is with you right now?

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I'll give you a hint - it's got black hair, yellow eyes, and it's a fucking choke artist.

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... Uh-huh.

I'm not gonna even bother with this. If you wanna act like an ass and make a tantrum out of this, go ahead.

I have a dinner to get to.

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Yeah, sure, run off with your tail between your legs like a little pissant!

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Can we not do this, of COURSE she got torn to shreds by Hawkeye, cores are like the anathema to her kind of deck. this whole thing is on me.

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So the Cores aren't just anti-Chaos, huh?! So even without Overclock, a pussy deck like Gusto can't do shit against them? It's almost like I FUCKING TOLD both of you that exact goddamn fact before the duel, but neither of you listened!

And no fucking shit it's on you! It's bad enough that you walked into his trap the first time you synchroed, especially after that's how he won the fucking RGX tournament, but then you did it a SECOND time right after that without even a single fucking backup plan!
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I know, okay. I fucked up.

I know all that shit, and I'm not going to do this with you.

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You can't just go belly up and tell me you're not gonna 'do this with me' to try and duck out of this Jinn, that's bullshit!

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I absolutely can!

What, what are you gonna do, shriek at me? Call me a fuck-up? Act like everybody is somehow beneath you when you barely squeaked by Hawkeye anyway? When you fucked up just as badly when we dueled DeRay's team?

I know this fucking feeling too Isabel, I've known it a whole fucking lot! Do you think I haven't been going over that fucking duel ever since it was over, counting all the shit I could have done differently? I'm trying to keep to myself so I don't do exactly what you're doing right now!

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Ungh...fuck you! Don't try to turn this around on me! You're trying to give ME shit for choking against DeRay - you couldn't even take your fucking man in that duel, JUST like against Hawkeye! You forgot about fucking Speed World 2 in the last duel!

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I'm not trying to turn it around on you, I'm trying to point out you're not nearly as fucking perfect as you think you are!

And you're giving me shit for not having a back-up plan? What the fuck was I supposed to do? I had the resources to go for it and he had ONE set card! I didn't draw into Karma Cut, Dimension Slide, or Dust Tornado or I would have never left that fucking Urknight on the field! I went with what had the best chance of working!

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I probably shouldn't be interfering in another teams affairs, but aren't you being kinda harsh on your teammates?

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Yeah, you're right. It's none of your business.

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Urgh, very well. I think right now trying to talk to you will only result in you blowing up at me too.

Just take some time to calm down.
Once you do. I think you should take a look at this post and the replies again.

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Maybe you should spend your time getting ready for your next duel instead of trying to babysit me for once.