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So uh.

I'm kinda.

Engaged now. To Geo.

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...Well, damn.

Congratulations, you two.

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Hey, it's no trouble. You two are a great match, and I'm sure you're going to be very happy together.

Make sure Geo remembers to send me an invite to the wedding, could you please?

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Don't worry, I'm sure he'll remember.

Or he'll send one out to everyone in the city. Either way.

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Welcome to the family.


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Oh god please don't call me that yet. Please.

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Pretend I had a smart remark prepared.

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That's awesome! Congrats to the both of you!!

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... Thanks. Was it overwhelming for you too when you got engaged?

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Haha! Pretty much! More so for Asuka since I kept it a secret and she wasn't expecting it when I asked! The look on her face was priceless.

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I hope you both get married, and have a long happy fulfilling life and love, dear~

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Yes I know.

You're probably super excited about this.

We're planning our own wedding.

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Most I'd do is offer to fund anything you'd like to do to have fun.

And keep pestering you to invite me to said wedding.

Because we're friends.

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I dunno why, but that gives me the funniest image in my head. But I hope everything goes smoothly, lady.

And I can tell ya bein' married's great. So, if ya need any advice, just ask.

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I dunno why, just imaginin' you as an 80s 'Merican Housewife with Big Hair and all. I blame your to-be hubby for it.

Just gives me shit and giggles and ain't serious.

So when's the baby?

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... So would you be replacing "Something blue" with "Something green"?
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Congratulations, both of you.

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Heh, thanks.

You wouldn't want to come to the wedding, would you?
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I'm shocked you think you could keep me out.

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