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[To Kaz and Cyril Namely]

Alright, so. I've decided I won't kill anyone. Or maim anyone.

I still kinda want to blast someone, though.
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That's good.

Take it out mostly at me and the hot head, if you're going to blast.
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I almost got us out of there and then Cyril brought some, ah. Less than savory people from my past up when he came to 'help.' It was all very exciting.
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Maybe a little, yes.

As long as it ain't Geo, I'm perfectly fine with whoever you're gonna beat up. Me for having those ties or Cyril for bringing their attention to us. Or Onni for being such a nerd. The kid got wrapped up in things he didn't belong in.

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...Oh, so he's back.

Guess I'll. Hit my family up sometime.
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Yeah, I might. Can finally start talking to people again at least. Blasted PDA's are pretty fragile.
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...probably, yeah. Maybe this is the year I learn to be more cautious with my possessions and dimensional gate placements.