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Oh... Oh geeze...
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... Jesus, those cards of his...
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Those cards were ridiculous.
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It doesn't matter anyway, yeah.

Damn, I didn't think this'd happen..
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....he was very prepared for her.
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He dueled in areas out of the focus of the mainstream, then very quickly climbed the ranks while Isabel was preparing to defend her title against either Akae-kun or Escher-kun.


He intimately understood the fighting style Isabel learned in the forest and adapted into her dueling. Then he effectively countered it with his positioning and his monsters.

That shouldn't be possible for a normal human who's only seen her duel a handful of times.
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I don't know. But he is, at the least, extremely intuitive.
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Hmph. I believe he has done his research in that area, as well.

Juudai-kun is retired and besides which, not healthy enough to participate. Edo Phoenix is missing, Johan-kun is retired.

The best contenders to face him right now are Isabel again and Jeanette. And doubtlessly, he believes he can defeat them as well.
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I don't know. But I think he's hedging more on his skill and his deck than anything.
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We need less batshit insane rich people 'round 'ere.
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Yeah, fuckin' no one 'less they've got either future sight goin' or they've got such a good 'andle on their own and their opponent's deck, they can predict 'ow the duel's gonna turn from the get go.

Where the fuck did this dude come from? I been 'round the block an' I ain't ever seen monsters or a deck like that.
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Some sorta cyclical infinite summonin'? I thought that tomato kid created pendulum summonin', but if I didn't know that, I'd say this guy did it.

Fuckin' weird. Like 'e was preparin' fer Izzy 'cause 'e knew she wouldn't pick up on 'im or be as prepared as 'e was.
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Yeah, no one gets ta stand at the top forever. I was rootin' fer tomato head, honestly.

I ain't... pleased 'bout this fuckin' turn o' events, but she did accept the challenge from 'im 'fore askin' 'im ta take 'is lumps like Esch an' Akae did. I dun think it's luck. 'e was prepared. Prolly got files on anyone 'oo's ever dueled publicly.
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She didn't. Ya, uh, gonna go see 'er soonish?

Yeah, an' prepare fer a perfect way ta counter 'em. Someone ta beat 'im is gonna need ta come outta nowhere or be usin' a deck they ain't used in the light o' day.
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Yeah, gimme a 'eads up if ya do, I'm gonna send somethin' ta 'er.

's gonna be a spirit or Kaiba descends from 'is Ivory Tower an' they start a rich pretty boy fight that I want ta see so bad I think I'd sell my soul fer it.
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Ain't anythin' weird.

Ain't gonna be me. I ain't touchin' this powder keg 'cause with my luck, 's gonna detonate on me.
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Yer gonna need someone who recently started duelin', ain't afraid o' anythin' or jus' got back inta it.

I'm gonna bet on yer 'usband an' in-laws, honestly.
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I got a few others in mind, an' I've got 'alf a fuckin' mind ta stir this kettle fer the 'ell o' it.

Yeah, I getcha.

...WIND kinda got shafted on new an' excitin' archetypes, huh?
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Technically, huh? Weird.

I guess if ya were some sorta plane enthusiast ya could try those mecha phantom beasts? But I dunno. Maybe in a few sets you'll get SOMETHIN' even if it's jus' more support.

On the bright side, things're startin' ta get excitin' 'gain! I'm startin' ta feel better an' better.
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If we dun see a bright side ta this, we're all gonna be in a weird fuckin' funk an' Marias' gonna pull us all inta 'er despair black 'ole.

I'll keep an' eye out fer shit, maybe wrangle somethin' an' bring it back fer ya.
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Yeah, I know, I know.

Not sayin' 's gotta be 'mmediate, but sittin' 'round clutchin' misery ta yer ches' doesn't get shit done, said the pot ta all the kettles.