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*At Flamvell, Suguru is sighing, sitting at the bar.

There's an opened envelope and letter, and she's glancing through multiple pictures that you'd assume came with said letter.

Her expression is... she looks like she wants to be mad or sad, or even relieved, but she's not sure which one to really settle on, at this point. So instead she just resorts to another, loud sigh.*
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::Waltzes over.::

Care to talk about your chronic sighing condition?
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Is he cute looking?

::Tries to lean in to look.::

For a kid, I mean.
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::Pats you on the shoulder sympathetically.::

Family sucks. Something we both have in common.
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Or else you'll blow her into the sky?
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Lets just say "Will blow her into the sky".

Any chance you'll ever get to run into 'im?
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Not even ask your dad to arrange meeting him? Christ. And I thought I had a shitty family life.

Still, he looks cute. You should be proud of him.
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Unless he was born a girl and your mother got her hands on magic to 'fix' that. But that's conspiracy theory tier.
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I'd get mad myself.

Anyways, if you get any more pics, show me.
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Ugh, I bet I know what this is.

Not even going to bother asking, just sit next to you and put an arm around you.
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"Your pops doing alright too?"

He plays with a bit of your hair.

...not going to take a bet on the gender of the kid, considering the last few years.
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"Oh, good." He smiles slightly, looking through the pictures.

"...He's cute. He just trying to keep ya in the loop?"
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"Right, right, yeah.

...Wanna go visit 'em soon? Or at least return the favor in pictures?"
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"Hey, maybe your dad's open to scheming and we can just get him and your brother to visit."

Waves a hand. "Up to ya. Ain't gonna force anything, 'cept pictures. I got enough cameras for somethin' pretty good."
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"Huh? Really?"

He stares blankly and looks around. This place? Judged by someone who knows what they're doing?

"Oh my god, yeah, we'll invite him when we send the pictures and see about bringing Soran too."
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"We can make it work out, I promise."
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"Hey, anything's possible if we're working together on something, right?"

He produces his phone and slightly clumsily takes a picture of the moment.
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"What? No! It can't be staged stuff.

...well, some of it, I don't think he should get dozens of pictures of us working or veg-ing out."

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Suguru you have a terrible presence next to you. She looks like she's about to say something (or demand soda and coffee), but looks between the stuff on the table and you. And gets an almost sad for you expression as she silently sits next to you and sets her head on the bar, huge eyes staring up at you.

"...Anything I can do to help?"

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"Oh, I'm sorry."

She looks like she wants to pry, but this isn't even the fun detective business, like solving mysteries, but really sad stuff she can't really fix.

"Um, talked to parents? They, um... Since I know it is strange time of year and demon family has accepted me fairly quickly as tiniest demon and I assume everyone is... Ah... what is word... estranged? And Kaz does not look like he celebrates anything. They were willing to invite you and Geo and Kiko to holiday with them since you've been so nice to me and their families have not talked much since they eloped and then adopted me? I think mama's mama asked I be exorcised and there was big fight. I was very small, do not remember well."
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"Will do! Might be big thing? Mama wanted to see if Miss Wakahisa and her family might come and do I ask maybe kinda girlfriend's family to come? Oh god what if Kiko wants to bring Diana? Does Garum have family...? Ooo! This is going to be a beautiful mess!"

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"Yes, exactly! I like way you think, you are smart!"

She pats you on the shoulder and hops up from her seat, giving a small twirl on her feet.

"I will inform war chiefs of this development and begin seeing if there is movements on other fronts! I will see if supplies will be needed at appointed time, Captain Samasu!"

She gives a salute, and scampers away.